Domitilla Biondi is based in Milan or Rome.
please contact her via email first at providing contact details and she’ll be back as soon as possible.

To let people see my technique in person, I’m looking for galleries/places around the world that would keep permanently one or more pieces on exhibit.


Follow online on:

Instagram @domitillabiondi_paperpoetry  |  for backstage or sneak peek of work in progress

Pinterest @domitillabiondi  |  for portfolio images


purchase ⓢ

Only artworks that have the S symbol on the title are available for sale.

Concerning commissions you can write me an email to receive the price list.

For purchase of existing artworks:

  • Japanese Series (Kingyos/Wiseria/Le Rose del Giappone):
    Galleria Carte Scoperte  |   Via Pietro Maroncelli 14, 20154 Milano (IT)   |    T  (+39) 028 935 4565
  • Rounded Magnifico (n. 2, 3, 5, 6) exhibited at TRESOR17 in Basel:
    ESH Gallery  |  Via Forcella 7 (Zona Tortona), 20144 Milano (IT)   |    T  (+39) 025 656 8164


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