Future Lights of Ceramics | Partners

Future Lights of Ceramics | Partners

It has been such an Honour to be selected by a panel of such important art curators and professionals of the art market to pitch for the final selection of the Future Lights of Ceramics International Competition on the 7th of September at Kilkenny, Ireland.

Future Lights is an annual competition for people in the early stages of a career in ceramics. The aims of the competition are to Encourage cross-disciplinary learning and approaches; Support people in the early stages of a career by exhibiting at high profile ceramics exhibitions across Europe; Promote ceramics to a younger audience, though identifying potential ambassadors…


The theme was very close to my Heart and it was Go Green – Ceramic and the Environment, which I deeply felt and I run with all my soul to propose myself as an Ambassador.

It have been a very precious experience, strategic for my Personal Path, both as an Artist than a Conscious Living Mentor. It clearified so many aspects of my imminent future and definitely, yes, thanks to this opportunity, I now can foresee How Much it will be full of Light 🙂

Here there is my visual ppt presentation of 5 minutes, which recaps the fully explained concept behind my artistic role as an Artist: www.domitillabiondi.com/art

I deeply thanks the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland to have made possible that I could represent my Country – Italy – as an emerging artist in ceramic arts, and undertand how this will Take Form in the next appointments of my career.

Valuable artists have been selected, together with me, and I felt it was a real privilege to be there with them in that wonderful location which is the Castle in the lovely place which is Kilkenny.

I definitely wish to the 6 winners (among whom I’m not) to give all the best they (already showed) can to inspire and open minds all around artists, concerning the important theme of taking care of the Planet’s sustainability, throughtout the experience of working in ceramic field.

To all of them, it goes my Lov

Future Lights of Ceramics

Future Lights of Ceramics 2018



Future Lights 2019 Go Green - DomitillaBiondi

Future Lights 2019 Go Green – DomitillaBiondi


Future Lights of Ceramics | Domitilla Biondi’s speech and artwork blessed by a serendipitian rainbow