Wall covering and wallpapers

Giant miniatures on your walls.

Whaterver you decide to create of your own house, a Paper Poetry Wallcovering would transform it into a unique and magnificent Home. Let Beauty spread inside Your House ♥

Luxury Interior design with Domitilla Biondi's art of carving (catalogue by Area Environments)

Cheap & ready-to-receive.

Wallpaper produced by studio Area Environments, that owns the global exclusivity about the print and distribution of few of my images.

You can choose between 4 themes.

featured on Lonny Magazine
Interior designer Ashley Scott of Scout Modern (LA) featured on Lonny Magazine - July 2018

< You have 2 possibilities >

Your special personal design.

A Soul Landscape, specific artwork prepared expecially for you, and then elaborated to be photographed and printed on your necessities.

This is definitlely special.