My first test to prepare handcrafted greeting cards.
I’d say they look extraordinary.

«I WISH YOU» series is both a top class greeting card and an artistic object to show on the desk.
Each card is unique because carved in real time, with a blade only. Beauty is revealed by shadows from the miniatures, revealing lovely ivory shades depending on the slant of light of bas-reliefs.

Each card vibrates with an element of Nature (Air, Fire, Water, Earth), while the carving technique recalls spiral shapes from mathematical laws of Armonia:

I wish you to widen your horizons
I wish you the rise of a new star
I wish you wind of changes
I wish your talents to bloom

This product is 100% handcrafted and made in Italy, as everything in it is Italian: artist/designer, letterpress typographer, font design and, finally, the paper.



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I wish you cards Series