Soul Landscape

A soul landascape appears when I connect to the inner of somebody, focusing on this connection as specific intention in the paper while I carve. While I keep focused on channeling harmonic frequencies to him/her, what happens is that the result changes in content and mood every time, depending on the person itself.

Every piece is specifically personal and unique as can be that person in that particular vibrational state.

The artwork that depicts the “soul” can resonate with that person’s intimate, being a unique gift of Beauty for him/her.


Ivory Fabriano cardboard
Wooden shadow box frame with museum glass

  • Picture of the person and his/her name needed.
  • Session available for the single person or the couple’s energetic relation.
  • Available a version with cheaper price (anonymous, paper without frayed side, not framed).



14 x 24 cm    |    19 x 19 cm