Homo Faber 2022

When people put Love into their mind and heart, Artistry take place and produce Beauty and Excellence in every possible form that the hands can handle.
I Am very honored to have been invited to be part of this circle of Masters, so special to Me – especially because of the beloved resonance with Japanese culture, which this year is the special guest:

15 exhibitions, 22 curators and designers, 12 Japanese national living treasures, over 400 unique works, crafted by over 350 designers and artisans, from 30 countries.

In the second edition of HOMO FABER EVENT, I’ll be (p)art of the exhibition’s section dedicated to the art of paper crafting, called MAGNAE CHARTAE, curated by Michele de Lucchi. I do thank Galleria Blanchaert for choosing Me.  I will also be available on the Homo Faber Guide, the digital platform that collects contemporary craftspeople protagonists of the future.

All detailed information about the contents of this 2022 event in this pdf Press Release.

I was initially asked to prepare a diptych, but after the change of date due to the pandemic, the availability of space has been reduced and, so, just half of my Milano 2021 artwork only will be exhibited.

Homo Faber Event is a major cultural exhibition dedicated to fine craftsmanship. Organized by the Michelangelo Foundation, the international event celebrates master craftsmanship, seeking to increase recognition and visibility for master artisans. A showcase of craftsmanship excellence, the exhibition shines a light on a rich diversity of materials and crafts, from paper making to wood working, from the rarest artisanal techniques to some of the most iconic examples of contemporary craftsmanship, and explores their links to the world of creativity and design. Imagined by a handpicked team of world-renowned designers, curators and architects, the exhibition stretches over a number of magnificent spaces throughout the Fondazione Giorgio Cini located on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the heart of Venice. homofaberevent.com


Homo Faber Event Crafting a more human future
10 April – 1 May 2022 @Fondazione Giorgio Cini, San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice.
Open h 10-18, Wednesday closed.