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Here is the history of the newsletters that I send periodically, where I share some anectodes of my path and the news about my artistic activity. If you joined my mailing list recently, you can learn more about me also from here.


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Working with Harmony in the form of fragrances: this is named SACRED GROOVE and brings the dimension of Sacred Geometry into that of Reality through the sense of Smell.

Soon to Be.

#paperpoetry #sacredgroove #sacredgeometry #yogaisnow

When people put Love into their mind and heart, Artistry take place and produce Beauty and Excellence in every possible form that the hands can handle.

I Am very honored to have been invited to be part of this circle of Masters.

I’ll be (p)art of the exhibition’s section dedicated to the art of paper crafting, called MAGNAE CHARTAE.

I’ll be in Venice from the 9th of April for few days, for those who want to meet me in Person.


Discover artisans working towards a sustainable future at Homo Faber Event

And the wonderful online Guide

#HomoFaberEvent2022 #Venice #MasterArtisan #RisingStar #Craftsmanship #ExperienceExcellence #magnaechartae #papercrafting
#HomoFaberGuide #ExperienceExcellence #MichelangeloFoundation

Good news are slowly turning to reality... Bellissimo! ^___^


#Repost @areaenvironments
After abandoning technology in 2016 artist @domitillabiondi_paperpoetry began to create her intricate, hand-carved paper artworks. Pictured here is Fireworks where it adds just the right amount of texture in this living space designed by @cindyminterior ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#wallpaper #wallpapers #wallcovering #wallcoverings #wallfinishes #wallart #wallmural #wallmurals #walldecor #wallsurface #wallsurfaces #interiors #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interiorfinishes #areaenvironments #areawallpaper #areaenvironmentswallcovering #areaenvironmentswallpaper #artistwallpaper #customwallpaper #uniquewallpaper #uniquewallcoverings #customwallcoverings #customwallmurals #artistdrivenwallcoverings #artistdrivenwallpaper

I wish i could sell my #porcelain sculptures when still raw 😅

Japanese mood for today's carved artworks 🥰

#contemporaryporcelain #japaneseart #contemporaryceramicart

Back to #porcelain ♥️

When outside everything looks like madness, we can focus on what we love or do best and practice it as much as we can.

The new year coming is dedicated to practice my goal to obtain the THINNEST SCULPTED PORCELAIN in the world 💪

Fire (please 😭) walk with Me 😅

#sculptedporcelain #contemporaryporcelain #contemporaryporcelainsculpture #contemporaryporcelaine #porcelainartist #porcelainart

This is Pure Gold Frequency ☀️

#paperart #domitillabiondi_paperpoetry #sun #mandala #papersculpture #paperbasrelief

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Newsletters Archive


2 November 2019

Insieme vinciamo. (Italian)
Il progetto di Arte Collettiva The heARTbeat, esibito presso la Florence Biennale, ha ricevuto feedback entusiastici e il secondo premio…


11 October 2019

When the Spirit does not cooperate with the hands there is no Art.
At Florence Biennale I exhibit the first heARTbeat module. You can join my performing art ritual Opening of the Art, 1-3 November in Florence, to become co-creator with me of module #2


21 September 2019

It has been a long journey.
Failure and Success. Solo exhibition in Japan. Florence Biennale to present the heARTbeat project + Join my performing art ritual Opening of the Art, 1-2-3 November.


22 February 2019

This newsletter has no sense.
Confused. Come to hug me at fair COLLECT (London) + Be part of my HEARTBEAT Collective Work of Art project.


21 September 2018

I A.M. brand New + HARMONIC SHAPES exhibition
I AM an heartist, and my New website finally came to my Unity.
Join me in October 9-30th at exhibition HARMONIC SHAPES in Esh Gallery, Milan.


08 March 2018

Introducing my first artist’s book + fair in London
«Leggerezza» (Lightness) is my first artist’s book experience and a lesson about Family. Come to see me carving live at fair BOOK ART DAY, the 17th March in Kentish Town, London.


14 February 2018

Introducing porcelain series «Eggshell»
Scary. I share what I learnt about fragility. Come to hug me at fair COLLECT, in Saatchi Gallery, London.


13 December 2017

I WISH YOU… (a Paper Poetry greeting card)
My news about my journey in Argentina and inside myself + Save the dates for AAF Milan and COLLECT 2018.


28 July 2017

A new project. A new Fair.
Explaining new series My Stupid Silly Week; suffering the loss of 4 artworks at Roma’s airport; Save the date TRESOR17 in Basel; Wellcoming opportunity of being in Collection V of Area Environment.


16 February 2017

Thanks for welcoming my art with such love, at Collect Open.
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