Book Art | "Leggerezza"

Leggerezza ⓢ

Artist’s Book   | «Leggerezza» (Lightness)
Author  |   A. Casiraghy (text), D. Biondi (carving)
Publisher  |   Edizioni PulcinoElefante, Osnago (Milano, Italy), 2017

Letterpress + carving, on Zercall white cardboard
19 x 27 cm  |  8 pages (cover incl.)
limited edition of 18 signed pieces

Each book is uniquely carved, so every cover and every internal pages are all differents.
Printed in october 2017, they are carved from December 2017 and so on untill June 2018.


“Soul is a sensitive forest

  |  handcrafted with handmade paper



«To understand the creative process behind this project some personal experiences are needed, those that the Author makes available as her personal lived.

When She carves, what she does is to recognize the most Intimate part of Every Living Being and to gift it to others, through what appears in the Paper.

Approaching the subject of Quantum Physics, it can be seen how the metaphor of the Forest represents the vastness of the Consciousness, or “Soul”, in this case.
Only then it’s possible to get to its Beauty, manifested in two precise moments: the Ensemble, seen from “far” and the Specific, rich in Perfection and frequencies, which Nature manifests through the explosion of its own Harmony, intimate and vibrant.»


ⓢ For Sale:
Pieces available:  n. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Pieces to be carved yet:  n. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Pieces gone into private collection: n. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The price increase of 10% every number sold. Part of the income goes into donation, as always.


When I started to carve the first book, a tide made of waving branches appeared on the first page, which reminded me of the sound of rustling forests in Patagonia (from where I had just returned). Turning page, then, the aoutput changed as a if zoomed on the details: a cloud of the smallest vibrating parts of the tree, like the flowers, the spores, on the seeds … real live protagonists that populate the majestic forest.

When I was carving this book, in my spiritual path I was wondering and investigating about the meaning of what Family represents for an individual. And suddendly reading Alberto’s words made me undestand: Family is like a forest! Meanwhile as individuals we think as separate persons, at the level of the invisible, we are all so deeply rooted and interwoven into each others that we can consider it as a whole, like when you look at a forest, seeing it as a unique thing. And at the frequencies where the Family doesn’t have visible bodies anymore, it’s where we can begin to call that whole as “soul”. So no matter how much you feel yourself to be part of your Family… even feeling Separation is simply another way to experience the Unity.