Porcelain Eggshell series

Introducing porcelain «Eggshell» series

The thinnest carved porcelain ever.

My first porcelain series is titled Eggshell.
It’s the path that I chose to introduce the quality of gentleness in my talent. I did it through the experience of facing the extreme fragility of the material.
The result is the thinnest sculpted porcelain in the world: the surface is less than 1 mm!

Holding such a vulnerable work in my hands teaches me how precious is the possibility of focusing our attention on preserving Beauty, quality that is delicately hidden in everything – and everybody – that are fragile.

Below you can read the story behind it.

The power of gentleness.

I begun year 2018 suddendly changing my mind about what to exhibit at Collect (in Saatchi Gallery, London), and if you consider that I was supposed to have everthing ready for middle of January, that’s very scary, especially if you are newbe as an artist.

I’ve been listening inside myself since September, waiting to spot the good suggestions about how to proceed in preparing the new series of “paper pierced by wood” that I had in mind as my new collection. But nothing arrived clearly and, even, finding the right wood sticks appreared to be very difficult.. and that was strange, I begun to consider.

When I forgot, in a friend’s car, the only good stick found in months, I sat and asked if I was on the right path, because things weren’t flowing as aspected (and usually autosabotage is the sign to pause).
The week before Christmas is when I realised that I had to change my plans. When I did it (and accepted the scary fact of doing it 1 month before the vernissage!) suddendly everything started to flow again. January it’s when I realised that I had already all the signs I needed (to try with porcelain) since previous year, but that I’ve been blind/deaf to consider them.

Accepting the fact that I could also move to porcelain, other than paper, have been the trigger.
Meanwhile that I was investigating this new material, I begun to think about how important is to practice the capacity of spotting the delicate aspects of our possibilities, that are hidden in our everydaylife, but we “don’t want to see” because usually the idea of changing our paths terrifies us. The fear of changing makes us to stuck still in our patterns, often suffering because Life ask us for a change but we do resistance, and always with more effort inside and from the circumstances.
We are scared by the unknown because we fear our fragility.
But when we accept that having aspects of us that are fragile is normal – and is also a good thing – it becomes the moment when we allow to our personality to go further, proceeding to heal ourselves with the sensitivity that we can practice the power of kindness towards our Soul.

During my session as a therapist I often had evidence that the more gentle are the vibrations I give, the more efficient the treatment is. This is probably because they are more subtle, and so they go to work very into deep.

So, I asked my Inner Self to teach me to become more good in practicing gentleness. And this is the exercise I chose, to reflect about how much fragility can terrifies us (… and still I am practicing, everytime I take in my hands such thin and delicate artwork!!! ohmy… Pray for me that I can see them safely set on the venue wall.)