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My Space is what I recall being pART of a Wholeness.
My Space is Everywhere there is Opportunity of Creation.

This is Why I Desire to move forward and push my carving activity to another level: that of Collectivity and partecipatory co-Creation.

What I desire to do, it to make people aware of the importance of feeling themselves as partecipative and consciously part of this collective work of Art which Life is.

To do so, I Desire to give birth to a Multiple Collective Work of Art which I can Imagine – so far – as a giant globe of particles, all connected together, bringing the energy of each partecipant-performer who choosed to consciously take part of this.

I title this wide project The heARTbeat, and develop it during the year 2019, through several stages and opportunities to exhibit the outputs.


Being (p)Art of a co-Creation.

First of all, I’d create an event to invite people to co-create with me part of something that will be assembled later on and, then, exhibited. This event is called Opening of the Art ritual and consists in letting people transform the carved porcelain – which I’ve previously created –  into something “new”, from the point of view of the memory (in terms of frequencies) that the matter would emanate, after.
This ritual has the objective to collect porcelain fragments and video material of 21 people (which I’d call “performers”, formally my co-creators).

After the ritual, I would use the fragments of porcelain to create a brand new object of Art.
This artwork will be composed of fragmented realities of porcelain artworks, beautifully assembled into a brand new piece of Art, which vibrates of the heartbeat of every single person that has decided to (re)Open his/her heART to this new prospective.

the heARTbeat work of Art sketched idea (temporary placeholder)

A video-collage of all the emotions of the performers, at the moment of the clou of the initiatory moment is, also, part of the artwork performance’s result.
These two (the video and the porcelain object/installation), will be exhibited during an international art fair. In this occasion, it will also be opened a new call for other 21 new performers for the next ritual, to join the list of co-creators, and produce new materials necessary to the creation of the artwork n.2, plus to implement the video, which will be exhibited at the following fair. And so on: Ritual+Exhibited Object of Art, for 3 times during the year.

The result is something multi-cultural, multi-frequencies, multi-emotional Collective Art Process called HEARTBEAT, which stands for “One Love, Many beats, One Life: don’t waste it, please“.


This is the Plan:

Module #1 – Ritual on 14-15-16th December 2018 : Milan @Spazio Theta |  Exhibition: 18-28 October 2019, Florence Biennale (Italy)
Module #2 – Ritual 1-2-3 November 2019 : Florence @ Florence Dream Lab  |  Exhibition to be defined
Module #3 – Ritual to be defined  |  Exhibition to be defined

Here there is the brief presentation on slides, with timeline.
If you want to sponsor this project, please contact me, thanks ♡.


Ritual #2 OPENING OF THE ART call for 21 performers is open!

More info to the page of the event. If you feel to join my performing art project, please fill this subscription form.


Opening of the Art ritual

Porcelain is a fragile material that everybody knows and trust for its preciousness.
Porcelain is the matter that we are going to link to the perception of how fragile is the separation between You and Your Heart, even if you cannot perceive it.
When you are able to – somehow – perceive this fragility, that you don’t want to face, inside of you, then the mechanism starts working differently. When the trigger is pushed, emotions spring out and reveal what was lying under the fear of feeling Your own fragility and reveals the work of Art that You like, every single person, represent with by being unique as you are, perfectly placed in the complexity of a bigger scenario, which is (p)Art of Being Human.

 The Ritual is an individual session, not group… Just a person at a time.

Is the porcelain ritual a significant part of a larger project? Which?
Yes: the ritual – called Opening of the Art –  is part of a wider artistic operation – called heARTbeat – that develops over the course of the year in 3 stages, each consisting of both the ritual and the exhibition of the final products during an international art fair.

Which objectives and elements the final project contains and to whom is it addressed to?
The performative art project heARTbeat aims to create a Multiple Collective Art Work, involving the participation of people who wish to impress their heartbeat in the final output, which is built up in the following weeks, after the ritual.
The final work of art consists of a ceramic object/installation (possibly a three-dimensional globe) created by re-composing all the fragments impressed by each of the 21 participants (preformers), plus a video-collage of each individual emotional artistic performance, captured during the 3 days of the ritual.
The object (+ video), both exhibited during an international fair, wants to speak to a multidisciplinary and varied audience, communicating the vision that no one is separated, but each individual is part of a higher complexity that all of its parts keeps connected, regardless of their shape, size and position.
The message that the work aims to make resonate in the heart of the viewer is: I AM (p)ART.
How many days does it take and what happens during the ritual?
The ritual develops in 3 days. In this time frame, 21 people are called to book a specific time for an INDIVIDUAL SESSION OF ABOUT 60 MINUTES ONLY and participate to an “initiatory performance” that developpes in 3 steps.
It begin with the reception upon arrival in space, and introductory stuff. Then (step 1) You make confortable and choose the carved porcelain plate that resonate with … (step 2) hold it upon your heart and turn your attention to Inner Listening. Unexpectedly, you will experience a “crash” that will be perceived by your Unconscious as a trigger for the activation of the energetic centre (chakra) of the Heart.
At this moment your emotional expression of surprise (or whatever) is captured through video / photo, as much as respectfully the situation allows.
After this moment of “re-birth”, (step 3) you are then invited to dedicate the remaining 20 minutes to feel the possible rise of emotions and intuitions, being welcomed in a relaxation area, protected and supervised by a therapeutic assistant, and with all the time necessary to your disposal (welcomed who wants to stay longer for sharing).
For your contribution to the experience, You are thanked with the gift of a fragment of the plate that you broke and impressed with the frequency of your Heart. This is to be taken as a metaphorical bond of having begun to Be (p)Art of a Whole.
It is therefore necessary to plan a full hour of your time: half an hour for the arrival and the procedures, 30 min of ritual + various and possible to follow. It is also very important to arrive on time. Aftwerwards, you can stay in the place as long as you like, to share or meditate.
What does the experience offer, and what is left of the participants?
The ritual aims to offer the initiatory experience to 21 people and collect the material (fragments and videos) necessary for the realization of the Collective Art Work that will be created in the weeks which follow.
The name of the all participants are included into the list of co-creators/performers, recorded, attached or quoted to the artworks whenever they are exhibited (website, fairs, galleries, magazines, etc.), appearing officially as co-creators of the Collective Work of Art (i.e. it could be engraved in the plate that serves as the basis of the object … ).
Who is the team and in what roles?
The figures involved in the ritual #1:
Domitilla Biondi : Creator
Assistant 1 : emotional support, therapist/life coach operator
At each event – depending on the city where it take place – must be defined:
Assistant 2 : space-holder, reception
21 signed up people : co-Creators
Last but not least?
The 21 participants are requested to pay a small fee in advance, in order to book their session to the ritual (no refund in case of cancellation by the person, because this fee is to cover the cost of the space). At the end of the experience, everyone can go away or expand the offer to the therapists, but without any commitment.


Ritual OPENING OF THE ART | the most beautiful moment of some of the performers…


Feedbacks from the performers

How would you describe your experience about the Ritual?

“Domitilla’s gentleness and the Beauty of her artworks are a powerful instrument of transmutation of pain and inner growth. They recalled my childish amazement inside of me and a deep joy in being part of a shared project. The care and following up by Sara Francesca was a precious gift.”

“Experience of balancing and full awareness of the Self and of the Heart of inner self.”

“Warmth, peace, emotion.”

“Peace, welcome, positivity.”

“Body and soul have merged, sprung in a beating of wings, a flight out of time, outside of every place. I wished it could never ends and coming back it has not been easy. Beautiful experience, thank you for this wonderful gift.

“Amazement, openness, sense of identification.”

“The immediate and unmistakable connection with the power of the other. Domitilla. Then a cascade of fresh and pure renewal energy. A new and irrepressible vitality. The clear feeling of being in the presence of my best self.”

“Joy, awakening, invincibility.”

“Transformative, liberating, astonishing.”

“Joy, liberation, sensuality, rising energy.”



The work in progress

Few images of the heARTbeat sculpture #1 :