Love Life Light series

Introducing «Love Life Light» series of objects

From my personal path (of healing myself first before could sound healing people), I can say that the words love, life, light and hamony can recall every aspect of well-being, and so perfectly recap what I mean for spirituality of the new millennium, in terms of targetting happines as a state of being (as we’re called “human BEing”, not “human having”).

“The etymology of the word art comes from Armenian languages’s root ar- which means fit together/join… This is exactly what happens when I start carving: I put myself in the state of offering and empty my ego inside, putting aside all expectations, and this makes it possible have a flow of special energy that manifests the subconscious in this incredible Beauty of miniatures.”

As an artist, then, I felt the need to direct good energy towards several aspect of spirituality, never minding the type of religion that a person decide to embrace. So, Love Life Light is the name for a series of artworks that interprete the representative icon from every religion (crosses, ketubah, gongyo book, etc.) with the aim to bring positive emotions into them.

So far, I’ve prepared 2 objects, to introduce them at Collect Open – the international fair for contemporary objects – where I’ll exhibit in February 2017.





To pray has always been associated to ask for something. But if the future does not exist and the present is a gift, I think it is more effective to give thanks for something in our life that we already have.
The state of gratitude puts us in an condition of openness to receive, and this allows the new to arrive and if we are ready to accept it, the wind of change has already start to blow!
A Magnifico is a prayer to thanks for how magnificent a human being can be. Round shaped and suspended in invisibility, like only Perfection can be.





Religious crosses recall a tragic death, and do not like to think of death as the end of something. This is why I add the flora and the beauty about them: to highlight that instead of death, we should see the rebirth and transformation.
On my beautifully decorated LLL Cross you can write on the back the change you want to call into your life, and every day direct a thought of gratitude in its direction, to call that energy towards you.


Soon I’ll try a Ketubah and the Gongyo Book. Stay tuned.


If interested in receiving one, please email me.
As every other object sold, this artworks as well support Farfalle di Luce Onlus, a no-profit charity that helps children around the world.