"I WISH YOU" series greeting cards

Introducing «I wish you» series of greeting cards

My first test to prepare handcrafted greeting cards.
I’d say they look extraordinary.

«I WISH YOU» series is both a top class greeting card and an artistic object to show on the desk.
Each card is unique because carved in real time, with a blade only. Beauty is revealed by shadows from the miniatures, revealing lovely ivory shades depending on the slant of light of bas-reliefs.

Each card vibrates with an element of Nature (Air, Fire, Water, Earth), while the carving technique recalls spiral shapes from mathematical laws of Armonia:

I wish you to widen your horizons
I wish you the rise of a new star
I wish you wind of changes
I wish your talents to bloom

This product is 100% handcrafted and made in Italy, as everything in it is Italian: artist/designer, letterpress typographer, font design and, finally, the paper.



I WISH YOU | greeting luxury cards
I wish you cards Series



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  1. Hello. Your work is so beautiful. I would love to subscribe to your blog but can’t see how to do so
    Thank you, Wendy

    1. domitilla@ekidna.it

      Ho Wendy thanks a lot!
      I actually didn’t think of a mailinglist, but thanks for the sudgestion, I’ll see how to add it asap. Meanwhile you could follow my Pinterest (as domitillabiondi) … and I’m about to start an Instagram account too, to post latest news.

    2. domitilla@ekidna.it

      Hi Wendy, just to tell you that I added the mailing list subscription. Thanks for the sudgestion.

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